"Education is a key defense because it makes a child more valuable to their parents than the price to be gained by selling the child into slavery."

LoHI Grade School - Poipet


It is our vision at Legacy of Hope International to rescue lives, restore hope and return futures to children by providing and equipping them with the ability and tools to reach their God given potential.


It is our mission to team up with the global effort to end child trafficking by identifying and eradicating the root causes of abuse, poverty, and other mal-treatments of children in the United States and around the world.

Uniquely Qualified

Many organizations have a goal to end child trafficking; however, most of their efforts involve moving into action after the child has been enslaved and harmed.  LoHI works to prevent such events from ever occuring.  We are thinking ahead to the future building schools in areas to combat the lures of child traffickers.  We are working to protect the children on a variety of levels by providing them with an education that will benefit them and their families for years to come.



LoHI is striving to stop child trafficking before it begins.  We are successfully affecting change in the lives of thousands of children before they are mistreated; not after the damage is done.

In addition, the knowledge that we have gained from these efforts is now being turned into practical teaching that will assist other NGO's  to become more affective. LoHI is becoming a resource for others working in our expertise.

By focusing on the lives of young people through education, particularly in remote areas of the third world, LoHI has become a voice of reason and moral transformation for thousands in the next generation.



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