We have finalized our research an have prepared a human trafficking awareness curriculum in a picture-book format. Our goal is to have this material in the hands of every student in our LoHI schools and the surrounding villages. To do this, we need donations of $15 which provide students a book to keep, other school supplies, and food. Above is a sample page from the book we designed. More information under the Who We Are tab and Fighting Human Trafficking.


Make a Difference for the Organization That is Making a Difference for Others

Many people make regular contributions to charitable organizations, such as religious, medical or community –sponsored programs. If you’ve ever been helped by such an organization, you probably wanted to give something back for all the support the group provided you or your loved ones thorugh the years. It’s a way to show you care.

In addition to helping out a worthwhile cause, these charitable donations can give you a tax advantage during the year.  By widening the scope of charitable giving, however, you can open yourself to other financial advantages.  Through the integration of charitable gift annuity and life insurance, you can make a charitable donation and still leave the value of that donated asset to your heirs.

The purpose of the insurance is to replace the value of the property donated. Through proper life insurance planning, the entire death proceeds, of your life policy, can be protected from any potential estate taxation.

Here's a Sample To Help You Understand This Great Product

Meet Sara, age 70, and a widow for five years.  She's in good health, a lifelong nonsmoker and in the 28 percent tax bracket.

Sarah has multiple interest-bearing bank accounts. she lives off the income these accoutns provide adn plans on leaveing the assets to her heirs. Since loosing her husband to cancer, she regularly donates to a national organization dedicated to cancer research.

Sarah has an interest-bearing bank account valued at $200,000 that is up for renewal at a low interest rate of 3 percent. This low rate gives Sarah an after-tax income of $4,320.  Let's see how life insurance and a gift annuity can benefit in this situation.

If the $200,000 account is donated to a qualified charity, Sarah qualifies for a tax deduction. *She will also receive a lifetime income stream via the annuity payout.  (The amount of the annuity payout is based on factors such as age and gender.)

Sarah is now able to help a worthwhile charitable organization, receive a tax deduction, increase her after-tax income and still leave her heirs the value of the donated property.

*Deduction amount is based on the Federal Midterm Rate under Section 7520 of the Internal Revenue Code.

**Current annunity payout rate may be higher or lower based on current American Council on Gift Annuities (ACGA) suggested rate.

***Based on female, age 70, standard non tobacco rate.



Do Good While Doing Well

A charitable gift annuity is a contract in which a charity agrees to pay you a fixed income for a period of one or two lives in exchange for a transfer of cash, marketable securities or other property.

Value Your Financial Accomplishments!

Value Your Life.

Consider the value of a Life Estate Planning Strategy.

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